Why Taking Care of Your Mink Lashes is Important? 

Why Taking Care of Your Mink Lashes is Important

Buying mink eyelashes is pretty easy. You have bought one for yourself from anywhere you wish to. But, the main concern here is taking proper care of your mink lashes since they are not cheap to buy at all. Want to know the other reasons why you should take care of your mink lashes? We are going to discuss every particular thing you must know regarding the care of mink lashes. Alongside, we will also mention the things which are to be done and those which are to be done with your mink lashes.

Reasons for taking care of your mink lashes: 

taking care of your mink lashes

The main reasons why you should be careful about taking proper care of your mink lashes are as follows:

  • The money factor

It is no wonder that buying a pair of mink lashes can cost you a good amount of your hard-earned money. Thus, if you take care of your lashes in the right way, they are sure to last longer and you will not have to get them changed or replaced frequently and this will add up to your savings.

  • The health of your lashes 

This is another important factor you should be concerned about. The healthier your lashes are, the more durable, they will be. If you put wrong things into use with your lashes, their health is sure to get affected. This way the growth of new lashes will also be retarded. If you don’t clean your eyelids properly, there will be an accumulation of dead skin and this will lead to itchiness on your eyelids.

  • Enhance their beauty 

As you know to good health is very important for anything to look beautiful. An unhealthy thing seldom looks beautiful. Hence, for making your lashes look beautiful for a longer period it is mandatory to keep them neat and clean.

Now, let us come to the list of things to be and not to be done for your lashes.

mink lashes

Things to be done: 

  • Proper cleansing

Make sure to clean your lashes regularly with a mild soap or shampoo in a very little amount. You can also use lash cleaning liquid if it’s available with you.

  • Keep them away from oil 

Never let your lashes come into contact with oil or any oil-based cream. Better, don’t use anything only on your face as they can make your lashes sticky and make them messy.

  • Keep them dried 

Although they claim to be waterproof still, it’s better to keep them away from water as long as possible. Absorption of water can lead your lashes to become less durable and more brittle.

  • Avoid touching them 

We know how hard it is to keep your hands off your eyes. However, for the sake of keeping your eyelashes healthy, you have to avoid touching them because more, you use your hand on then the more dirt and dust sticks to them. So, its always better not to touch them.

  • Store them at the right place 

You must store your lashes at the correct place since this is the only way you can make them less vulnerable to being exposed to dust, dirt, water, etc. For better safety, store them in a dry and airtight container.

lashesmall mink lashes

Things not to be done: 

  • Don’t play with them

Your lashes are not something to be played with. If you don’t apply them properly, they can even become dangerous for your eyes and your original lashes. They can also cause redness and itching in your eyes.

  • No frequent putting on and taking them off 

Putting your lashes on and taking then off repeatedly can cause your eyelids to swell and many more issues. Hence, if you are putting them on your eyelids make sure you don’t remove them instantly. Give them time to get positioned appropriately.

How to clean your mink lashes

These are the very primitive things you should know for taking care of your lashes in the best possible way. Try following these rules and see how satisfied you become with your lashes. However, keep in mind that you just need to clean them at regular intervals which doesn’t mean too much cleaning. And, never do the mistake of leaving them soaked in water. You can also buy a lash cleanser for helping you better in the cleaning of your lashes.

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