Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman Abilities and Suit Features

Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman Abilities and Suit Features

Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of the fines episodes where the superhero is Superman. As we all know that Superman is ruling the mind and imagination of those who are his great fanatics. All the series of either movies or tv episodes are highly interesting and adventurous. Superman is a DC comic character that can be seen in every Superman series since the 1930s. as time advanced, several changes have been made in the character of Superman, and today we have a more powerful superman available for the audience. His abilities are indomitable and he is known to be the most powerful superhero amongst all other superheroes of the world ever created.

Abilities of Superman

There are some of the incredible abilities of this superhero called Superman. If we count it, then the list will be too long. We can take a glance at the abilities of Superman of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Here are some of the abilities of Superman:

Crisis on Infinite Earths

  • Supreme strength

The power of Superman was increased to such an extent where he can move the entire planet. He was given supreme powers that were not given to any other comic characters till.

  • Flight

Superman was given one of the best abilities and that was of flight. This means that he can take a flight to anywhere easily.

  • Incredible speed

The next incredible ability of Superman is his speed. Superman can travel faster than light and can cover a large distance at a small point of time, in fact he will reach anywhere on the earth in just seconds. Superman can take a round of solar system in seconds and enter into the other solar system as depicted in the legion of superheroes. The swimming speed of superman is faster than the Aqua man.

  • Invulnerable

Superman is completely invulnerable and nothing can affect him. By 1970, Superman was able to withstand an atomic explosion and able to fly through a star. This is one of the necessary abilities which a superhero should have and Superman is completely invulnerable with all stern problems.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman and Supergirl

  • Vision

Superman has got supervision where his eyes are equipped with X-Ray vision and heat vision. After that, Superman was also given with visions like telescopic and microscopic. If something is happening at the microscopic level, then it will be intercepted by Superman easily. He is completely able to see across the electromagnetic spectrum including ultraviolet rays and infra-red rays. The vision of Superman is magnificent.

  • Hearing capability

As we all know that Superman is the saviour of humankind and hence, he is very much able to hear things from a far distance and can respond immediately to that. His hearing capability is enhanced so that he can respond to the distress call of the people who are calling him.

These are some of the great abilities of Superman and with the help of these abilities, he is saving the earth from sinister and evils.

Features of Superman’s suit

We all know that the powerful suit of Superman is made up of some unbelievable material that protects from the dangers. A lot of features are there of Superman suit which should be known to you if you are a fan of this superhero.


The suit of Superman is impenetrable and it is not easy to harm Superman while he is in his suit. Superman is a famous character loved by all the people who are watching Superman for a long time. superman can take a long flight if he is in his suit and can tackle his enemies more dominantly. Other than the powerful features of this suit, another attractive feature of this suit is that it looks completely awesome and when superman comes in this suit, he looks completely fantastic. When the audience watches this superhero in his suit, they do nothing but yell and shriek in enthusiasm.

Superman is ruling the hearts of uncountable fans for a long time. He is depicted as the saviour of earth and helps those who are in need. With the help of his powerful abilities, he is present everywhere wherever he is needed. These features and abilities of Superman make him one of the most loved characters in the superhero world.

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