Do you know pajamas? Let me give you some tips on pajamas

Do you know pajamas Let me give you some tips on pajamas

Pajamas – the original word paejama comes from Hindi, which is a combination of the pai and jamah in Persian. pai means “leg” in Persian and jamah means “clothes.” Pajamas as the name suggests is the leg clothing – pants. This is a loose pants that the Middle East and Indians go out to wear, but Europeans gave it a new role – pajama pants.

silk pajamasPajamas have always been used as home wear, wearing it to relax the body and mind, but if someone in a pajamas appeared in public, others would think this person does not understand the dress etiquette. But recently I saw a news: a Korean lingerie company also has a “pajamas day” once a month, all employees arrived in the company should be put on pajamas to start work, it is said that this can inspire people to create inspiration.

Because many freelancers work at home, freelancers wear pajamas become to a culture. Although wearing pajamas are comfortable , but in public places such clothing is not suitable. However, pajamas are not designed to be a style suitable for public occasions, because pajamas represent a relaxation, a warmth at home. Therefore, it is obviously not suitable for the public to be overly suitable or to have more commercial designs.

The 1990s are a more modern stage of value and function, and this new passion is a supplement to the increasingly popular family life in the world. Advances in technology and the streamlining of corporate personnel have allowed women to set up their own businesses and work at home, in addition to bringing children at home. The market for pajamas has been expanded to include areas for people to wear when they go home, not necessarily what to wear when going to sleep. In this situation, besides the pajamas series, the concept of a home service is added. In addition to fashion, people are still very much concerned about what they wear at home, home service has long gone beyond just for basic needs. Women may sleep well in closets, but they also want the latest trends and colors. Not only do they need to be comfortable, they also want to look more sexy and beautiful.

Wash tips

Silk pajamas: washing should not be rubbed in rough objects and washed with a washing machine, the clothes should be immersed in cold water 5 – 10 minutes, with a special low-detergent silk detergent synthetic neutral detergent or light rub, and then repeat rinsing in water.

Pajamas at home is not only fashionable, but also a wise move for health reasons. Buy Women’s Pajamas is a more complicated thing than to buy clothes, we need a healthy and comfortable pajamas.

Comfortable pajamas can make you feel more relaxed at home

Cartoon and animal pajamas

With the development of the times, the design and type of pajamas also increased a lot. Now on the market is more popular cartoon pajamas and cute animal pajamas. In addition to the basic features of comfort and warmth, these pajamas also offer lovely design elements that are loved by children and young people alike.

Pay attention to pajamas fabric, pay attention to health.

The most ideal pajamas fabric should be knitted type, and why? Because the type of knitted pajamas is very thin, people will feel soft and comfortable. In addition, the best raw materials should be cotton fabric, at least should be based on cotton-based synthetic fibers.

In fact, from the health point of view, the cotton clothes are the best, because cotton clothes have strong moisture absorption, can better absorb the skin sweat, and breathable strong.

Concerned about the color pajamas to improve sleep quality.

Pajamas in darker colors have no benefit to human health, whereas light-colored pajamas can help sleep. Bright colors are more likely to stimulate people’s vision, people can not relax, and a nervous person is difficult to sleep.

Pajamas size selection

Different from other clothing, pajamas is a relaxing costumes. Do not have any other unnecessary ideas, choose a more lenient size, so that the body can have enough space in the clothes to stretch. So you can get more comfort when you sleep.

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