Black Widow’s costume evolution from old to the new Black Widow 2020

Black Widow Costume Evolution

Black Widow first appeared in the MCU in Iron Man 2. From then on she is now getting her solo movie in 2020. Over the years, her costume has also changed. It has become more stealth-oriented and now it looks like an actual combat suit rather than a fabric jumpsuit with a belt. If you want to cosplay this evolution, perhaps over a couple of days of comic book conventions then here’s what you will need.

Previous Black Widow Suit In Iron Man 2 old movie

Black widow old suit the classic edition
Black widow old suit the classic edition

Fabric jumpsuit: let’s begin at the very beginning. When she first appeared, she wore a black/grey/dark bluish jumpsuit. The suit has a lot more to it but having a heavy jumpsuit is the first step.

Belt: Natasha in her first appearance wore two belts. One was a wide belt that she wore just below the ribs. The other belt she wore at the waist. The former belt is bluish-black and has the black widow symbol in the middle. The latter belt is grey in colour and it’s thin. This belt has two pouches (as seen from the front) which are grey as well. You can add real pouches, or you can opt for fake ones. If you opt for gluing or sewing the real pouches on the wide belt, then you can use them to store things you need. If you opt for fake ones, then you will make it lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh you down more.

Thigh Holster: At the beginning, the black widow costume had one thigh holster. But by the time her solo movie will roll around, she will have two. You can make the thigh holster she wore with her suit during Iron Man 2 by using three pieces of leather and painting it all grey. Then attach one to the narrow belt, make one circle your thighs and attach these two pieces to the left leather. Then attach a fake gun to the third piece of leather. Or you can cut through all the hassle and simply get a fake thigh holster to go with the suit.

Black widow endgame edition suit
Black widow endgame edition suit

Gloves and Bracelets: You can use grey biker gloves with the suit. As for bracelets, you can make them using two ways. One is by cutting a bunch of plastic straws equally and then gluing it to a wrist band. Another way is by cutting narrow bamboo sticks in equal length and sticking it on a sturdy wrist band. But no matter which way you go for, make sure you colour the plastic or bamboo sticks grey.

Boots: In the beginning, Natasha’s boots were below knee-length and were grey. It also had four belts on the leg portion of the boots. All you have to do is get some grey boots and stick four belts on it to get accurate Black Widow boots.

Black Widow Suit In Her Solo Movie Black Widow 2020

black widow 2020 new suit black edition
Black widow 2020 new suit black edition

Body Suit: By the time Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame rolled around, Natasha’s suit had changed to all black. Her suit isn’t grey anymore and neither is it all fabric. It’s made up of more sturdy and stiff material. To get this look, you will have to look for a heavy and stiff jumpsuit. This is also the look which is there in her solo movie titled Black Widow.

Shoulder and Knee Pads: Natasha’s suit in Infinity War, Endgame and her solo movie have a lot of designs. Another difference from her previous suit is that in the new suit she wears black, sleek knee and shoulder pads.

Backpack: In the latest version of the black widow suit (even in the trailer of her solo movie) Natasha wears a backpack where she stores her two stick-like weapons. Making this will be very time consuming, so it’s advisable that you simply buy this backpack and the attached jacket off the net.

new black widow suit white edition
New black widow suit white edition

Thigh holsters: In the later versions of the suit, like in her solo movie, there are two thigh holsters- one for each leg. To make it just follow the instructions listed in making the thigh holster for the previous suit. Just ensure that it is now black in colour instead of grey.

Gloves and Belt: Unlike the previous suit, her belt is now all black and it fits perfectly on her waist. There is now also only one belt instead of two. As for gloves use black biker fingerless gloves.

Following these suit instructions will let you cosplay in both the previous versions of Black Widow’s suit and the new one she will be wearing in her solo movie.

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